Selena Gomez And Kourtney Kardashian NOT “At War” In excess of Justin Bieber, Despite Report

In accordance to Lifestyle & Fashion. Bieber has supposedly rekindled his romance with Gomez, but is also nevertheless viewing Kardashian on the facet.

A so-referred to as “source” tells the tabloid that Kardashian is allegedly referring to Bieber as her “boyfriend,” and Gomez thinks she’s delusional.

The tabloid’s meant insider promises, “[Gomez] states Kourtney need to chase right after individuals her personal age.”

The magazine’s questionable resource more alleges, “Justin promised Selena he was heading to stop his romantic relationship with Kourtney, but he hasn’t carried out it but.

He informed Selena she necessary to be individual.” The tabloid then goes on to make the absurd assert that Gomez needs to individually confront the truth star, but she’s backing off because she’s concerned of the relaxation of the Kardashians. “She knows they have no boundaries,” states the tabloid’s seemingly faux “insider,” adding, “She does not want a confrontation with the loved ones.”