Sister ShowdownKhloe Kardashian V. Kylie Jenner —Who Rocked The Braids Better?

Uh oh — this is a severe sister showdown! Khloe Kardashian copied her little sis, Kylie Jenner’s, boxer braids and they each search beautiful!

Each sisters looked wonderful with their french braids & we can’t determine who rocked them far better. What do you believe? VOTE.

Khloe Kardashian. 31, and Kylie Jenner. 18, just landed themselves in a sticky predicament!

These two sisters rocked the very same actual hairstyle and they each pulled off the boxer braids to perfection. Whilst Khloe braided her organic hair, Kylie opted for ombre rainbow braids for Coachella. We enjoy each of their seems so considerably and we can’t decide who wore them much better. What do you feel? VOTE. Let’s start with Kylie simply because she donned the braids very first. Kylie headed to the very first weekend of Coachella. exactly where she rocked her rainbow braids. Her hair stylist, Tokyo Stylez.

additional extensions to Kylie’s hair and dyed the braids in all of the colours of the rainbow. She looked so amazing and festival prepared — we were obsessed.

Khloe on the other hand, just debuted her boxer braids. She posted a selfie of herself with the caption, “I come to feel left out of the coachella shenanigans so I went with braids these days. Bringing coachella to me” Wow, so Khloe was absolutely jealous of Kylie’s cool hair, so she manufactured her hair stylist, Jen Atkin. throw her hair into tight fishtail braids, as well!

Khloe’s have been a bit different simply because she rocked her braids inside out. and she added minor white hair-ties to spice up her look. The two of these lovely sisters looked incredible in their braids and their types are so different, so it’s difficult to select a favored! What do you guys feel — who rocked the pigtail braids far better?