Rob Kardashian Says His License Got Suspended After Rescuing Blac Chyna From Jail in Texas

Phase aside, Bonnie and Clyde. Rob Kardashian exposed on Monday, April 18, that he got his license suspended after he rescued his now fiancພ, Blac Chyna. from jail in Texas this previous January.  “I take Ubers everyday. My license is suspended. It’s expired and suspended,” the not too long ago slimmed-down Arthur George sock designer told TMZ even though waiting for a auto at LAX with Chyna on Monday. When asked why it got suspended, a talkative Kardashian told the cameraman, “Just life. I really don’t even know. I consider I just have to take care of anything — a ticket — and my birthday just passed.” The 29-yr-old later on explained that he got a ticket when he drove the twenty hrs from Los Angeles to Texas to rescue his ladylove from jail. As previously reported by . Chyna was arrested at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Texas on January 29 and charged with public intoxication and drug possession. According to court reviews, Chyna had two little pills that equalled 1.26 grams of ecstasy in her possession.    “I was speeding a couple occasions,” Kardashian told TMZ of his rescue mission soon after admitting that he was pulled over whilst Ǎriving to Texas to grab her.” Chyna confirmed her engagement to Kardashian on April 4. Even though his famous clan has stayed mum on their pleased information, Kardashian told TMZ that ǎverybody’s content.”