No Photoshop Right here!Kourtney Kardashian Caught Baring Her True Butt

Kourtney Kardashian took Miami once again in a black bathing suit that showed off her real butt, which looked very distinct from the ones she’s been posting pictures of on Instagram! Kardashian was slammed for this allegedly photoshopped image, which she posted after her trip to Iceland.

Celebrity photographer Alan Barry advised Radar that the photograph was a large unwanted fat lie! “Her appropriate thigh has been badly blurred. When you blow the image up, you can see the noise in the blue pool,” he revealed. “When you blur an spot you kill the noise, and that is ridiculously evident underneath her left butt cheek and her complete proper thigh.” This was the real booty!

Kardashian, 36, wore a black one-piece bathing suit at the beach in Miami and her bottom looked strikingly diverse than the photoshopped a single she not too long ago posted. Kardashian carried her daughter Penelope in her arms as she showed off her physique in the water. The hot mama of three has the tiniest hiney out of all the Kardashian sisters, and she posed provocatively in her black 1 piece to display it off. In a white 1-piece Kardashian’s bountiful booty was on complete display at the pool in Miami.

Kardashian dropped all her infant excess weight and more after splitting with ScottDisick. and her butt showed off her difficult operate in the fitness center. But is she still self-aware?

Her Instagram pictures present a curvier rear.