Kris, Khloe &Kylie All Busted For Manipulating Scenes On ‘KUWTK’

Uncover out how the matriarch of the family is twisting plot lines this season. Kris Jenner is back to her previous tricks, manipulating scenes, story lines and faked mobile phone calls all for the household “reality display.”

Click by way of the gallery to see how her most current fakery has been busted in the quite 1st episode of the season! In the Season 12 premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. the family members was back to their previous tricks of faking scenes for a story line and they have been busted once again!

Lamar Odom ‘s overdose has been a main story line for the fame-seeking loved ones and Khloe ‘s exploitation of the predicament continued in the episode. She has a heartfelt conversation with her younger sister, KylieJenner.

exactly where she says that she is worried about her New York press tour because she is going to have to speak about Odom for the very first time. BUSTED! Khloe’s NYC press tour was actually from January 13 to 15, a week Prior to she had the conversation with Kylie that she was worried about how the press tour would go. In one more example of their fakery, Khloe’s conversation about Odom currently being launched from the hospital was almost two weeks after he really was launched, which took place on January six. The excessive manipulation of scenes to even more a storyline was also pointed out by the Kontinuity Errors tumblr regarding Kris Jenner ‘s conversations with each Khloe and with her ex, CaitlynJenner.

KUWTK demonstrates Khloe calling her mom on January 14 to complain that Caitlyn has been sending her a barrage of hurtful text messages and she asks her mom to intervene.