Is Kim Kardashian Forcing Kanye West To Get Remedy For Mental Sickness?

“As Kanye West continues to struggle with troubling bouts of erratic habits, his wife Kim Kardashian has had sufficient and is now attempting to place a lid on his rage. has discovered the actuality star is so desperate to manage the troubling situation that she’s ordered West to get medical treatment — or else!” The post quotes an insider who says that Kanye genuinely has no other choice, particularly since he refuses to go back to anger management and even typical treatment hasn’t stopped the difficulty. The commenters following the post certainly aren’t Kim Kardashian or Kanye West followers. “He suffers from shame and guilt from sacrificing his own mom for fame and fortune. He is angry, since he anticipated SO much much more. He wished to BE God.

But now, he realizes that, if he Were God, he would not seem like an aging, bloated pig with a long term scowl,” says Realist. “A more most likely story is Kanye forces Kim into treatment to make the unwanted fat sl$t maintain her clothes on,” angrily claims Toni. “Gossip Cop is going to be blunt: RadarOnline has NO Concept what’s going on with West and Kardashian.

Back in February, the outlet ran a suspiciously comparable story about her supposedly ‘ordering’ the rapper into anger management as they have been creeping closer towards divorce,” says columnist Shari Weiss, who actually talked to a PR representative of Kardashian’s to clear up the issue. Some would certainly think that a PR rep would never reveal anything at all that has to do with psychological illness, but offered all the false rumors about Kardashian and West that have spread just lately, it’s difficult to feel something about this energy couple.

Late final week, it was claimed that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been getting a $one billion divorce. Gossip Cop summarized the story that was in the print edition of Star “But right here we have Star blaring ‘Kim & Kanye Divorce!’ and ‘$1 Billion At Stake’ on the cover of Wednesday’s new edition.

Inside the magazine, two headlines announce, ‘Kim Attorneys Up’ and ‘Quitting Kanye.’ It’s more mentioned, ‘Fed up following two years of nonstop tantrums, tirades and meltdowns, Kim wants to pull the plug on her marriage.’”