Seth Rogen Mocks Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ Video For ‘Sausage Party’Movie — See Pic

Haha! We knew Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ would see a ton of parody knockoffs, and Seth Rogen has come up with a doozy. Not only is he possessing fun at Yeezy’s expense, he’s receiving the word out about his animated new comedy. Seth Rogen and his staff behind the upcoming grownup animated flick Sausage Party are obtaining a blast with Kanye West ‘s “visual art” piece Renowned.

by obtaining some of the important characters from the funny food movie re-enact Yeezy’s celeb-model filled video.

Click by means of to see the hilarious message that the comedian had for the singer about the his authentic masterpiece. Imitation is the sincerest type of flattery and that’s what Seth is giving Yeezy with the super cute new Sausage Celebration parody of Well-known.

Characters from the upcoming film about meals that rebels towards becoming eaten consist of Seth’s hot canine character “Frank” as well as Kristin Wiig ‘s matching bun “Brenda” who he falls in adore with.

They’re cuddled up with each other on snowy white seets just like Kim Kardashian and Kanye are in the real deal. and you’ve received to appreciate the bun has some killer curves just like Yeezy’s wife shows off in the naked bed show. Seth is obviously hoping to catch Kanye’s consideration with the caption, “Yo kanyewest. the cast of SausageParty gonna be Well-known ” showing off how proud he is of his approaching child which hits theaters Aug 12. Absolutely nothing like capturing THE piece of visual and artistic zeitgeist of the minute as a way to showcase his new movie! We’re positive Yeezy’s got to be flattered. At least with the case of Seth and pals’ animated characters, none can get upset about being incorporated in the Popular parody, because foods is already naked as opposed to the intricate nude molds of stars like Taylor Swift and other individuals that were incorporated in Kanye’s groundbreaking video. Sausage Party appears super cute however raunchy and we can not wait until finally it hits theaters!