Critics Be Damned: Kanye West Is Like Andy Warhol, Says Painter Who Inspired “Famous” Video

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Kanye West was the topic of scorn and even ridicule, when he dropped his controversial video “Famous” in late June.

The video functions 12 naked celebrities laying in bed side-by-side naked, in a bed with ruffled sheets. Celebrities like Rihanna, Ray J. Taylor Swift, Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, Caitlyn Jenner and George W. Bush are featured in the video, which caused outrage when Kanye premiered it at the Los Angeles Forum on June 23. But Kanye’s critics are missing the level and don’t recognize higher artwork, in accordance to Vincent Desiderio, the guy who painted the 24-foot wide authentic piece of art “Sleep,” that Kanye’s video for “Famous” is primarily based on. In a new interview with NPR, Vincent Desiderio praised Kanye and likened him to the well-known artistic genius, Andy Warhol. “An image like that is a mirror of the ridiculous cult of celebrity,” Desiderio explained. “I think Kanye, who I believe is extremely considerably like Andy Warhol in that he does not allow his guard down about who he is, presents a mirror to people rather than he telling them how to consider.

Vincent Desiderio was impressed with Kanye’s expertise of artwork, and in specific, the deeper that means behind his own painting. Even though the unique painting “Sleep” featured anonymous men and women, Kanye was ready to channel the unique painting’s which means into the very same type of critique on pop culture. “What I like about it is, it is not a reproduction of my painting: It is a conversation with my painting,” said Vincent Desiderio. “The discursive component of that is far more crucial than the basic notion of he stole the notion, he co-opted the idea, he did this to the notion. He quoted the thought and then brought something diverse to it, embedded in the unusual contemplating that went on in my head as I worked on the image.” It does t reinforce rape culture. Trigger individuals are sleeping in bed collectively that’s rape?

Leah Dunham the final person to talk she stay making use of nudity to push a message. Leah Dunham unsightly self is consistently tly raping my eyes with nudity.

The message was that they were all sleeping with each other. That was the message. Everyone sleeps with everybody and what’s being presentes to the media in which this man or woman doesn’t like that man or woman is all to sale something but in actuality they are intimate with one another. I indicate Taylor Swift brother took back his yeezys why did he get them in the initial location. Practically nothing mentioned rape. kanye did not have taylor’s permission and that is incorrect, after the way he has been harassing her all this time. it is no wonder his protege’ ian connor is beneath investigation for rape. they really do not respect women. He could have utilised any person else and it wouldn’t be so bad.

If someone did that to me, my brother would break his legs with that cheesy grin of his. little guy problems. By the way, the message he is stating is nothing new, just stating the evident. Hollywood has often been this way, but no 1 else has ever harassed any individual the way kanye does with TS I watched the “Famous” video and laughed. Significantly. Koonye is a shallow, narcissistic weirdo.