Kylie Jenner rocks enormous engagement ring!Is she engaged to Tyga?

Kylie Jenner is sporting a new accessory this morning in the kind of a big diamond ring… on THAT finger. The query stays: Is she engaged to her off-and-on boyfriend Tyga? For the record, the 18-yr-old is executing almost nothing to quell the rumors, she even posted a brief video on Snapchat of the enormous sparkler. Nevertheless, she did not caption the video. A single media organization, even though, reported that she and the rapper did indeed get engaged on July ten. is reporting that the “proposal was incredibly impromptu and not planned.” “Tyga astonished Kylie with an engagement ring,” the report stated. “Kylie right away mentioned yes, and so they’re engaged.” Being that she’s a member of the Kardashian-Jenner Clan, items are seldom a secret and typically instances overly-transparent.

However, the report said that none of the relatives, nor Tyga, are publicly confirming the information since family members matriarch Kris Jenner wants to have the engagement filmed for “Maintaining Up With The Kardashians.” Kyle and Tyga are now going to have to “re-stage” the proposal for the cameras, the report mentioned, incorporating that an official confirmation of the engagement ought to come following that.

Kylie also posted a photo of her sporting the ring on Instagram. Despite the ring and the report, Entertainment Tonight dismissed reviews that they are engaged. This is the third time inside a number of weeks that Kylie hinted that the are engaged. She referred to Tyga as her “husband” in a single Snapchat video taken last week. On July 7, she posted a photo of her and her man to Facebook and captioned it “Mr. and Mrs.” It was not long ago that Kylie and Tyga were squarely on the outs.
“Getting in that [connection], it took a lot, job-sensible, anything.

It overshadowed a good deal of my skills and a great deal of points that I worked tough for,” Tyga said following the couple split in mid-May.
Not long following, it appeared that she had moved on with a new man, rapper (she has a kind, isn’t going to she!) PartyNextDoor. In June, the duo were reportedly dating and even had a make out session in one of his music movies.

That romance, which some suspect was a publicity stunt, fizzled quickly and she received back together with Tyga.