Did Kris Jenner Get Butt Injections?Best Plastic Surgeon Reveals All

Their lips, their breasts, their noses, and their thighs. It’s honest to say there are handful of Kardashian components that haven’t gone untouched by a scalpel/ needle, so it really should come as now surprise that mom Kris has additional some volume to her Kard-ass, particularly due to the fact she’s newly single off her split from Corey Gamble. who is 25 years her junior.
“As the matriarch of a household that’s preoccupied with plastic surgery, it is not surprising that Kris appears to have had her buttocks enhanced,” famed cosmetic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn tells Hollywoodlife.com “Her derri&egravere appears significantly larger than it has in the previous.

The most most likely system of buttock enhancement is the Brazilian Butt Lift, a surgery the place unwanted fat is liposuctioned from a single portion of the physique, such as the hips and thighs, purified, and injected into the buttocks. About half the unwanted fat that is injected will remain long phrase.

If she’s had her rear end enhanced, and it is certainly possible she has, then this is most very likely how she did it.” Kris is single and prepared to mingle right after breaking up with Corey in late June amid rumors that she was uncomfortable with his shut connection with Kourtney, 37. The suspicious friendship was even in depth on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians.’ Kris and Corey dated for a year-and-a-half.

They had been first linked in early November 2014 right after meeting at designer Ricardo Tisci’s birthday party in Ibiza.

source hollywoodlife.com