Kanye West writes McDonald’s poem for Frank Ocean’s magazine

The prolific Kanye West has written an ode to McDonald’s for Frank Ocean’s “Boys Do not Cry” magazine. “McDonalds Guy McDonalds Man/The french fries had a plan/The french fries had a prepare/The salad bar and the ketchup created a band,” the poem commences. Ocean has been plenty active the previous few days, dropping two albums, a video and a magazine that was distributed over the weekend at pop up places in London, New York, Chicago and West Hollywood. “The guide contains interviews with Ocean and his mother Katonya Breaux, a poem about McDonald’s by Kanye West, and a excellent deal of attractive photography: speciality autos, Rick Rubin’s household in Malibu, Ocean riding an ATV, stills from Lebon’s “Nikes” music video, younger men with car emblem patterns shaved into their haircuts,” Spin reported. The poem by West, who had his personal series of pop up stores this weekend selling his “Lifestyle Of Pablo” clothing, appears in the publication on a McDonald’s drive by means of menu display. ‘The McDonalds Man’ – Kanye West (Boys Don’t Cry – Challenge one) pic.twitter.com/ZKODOlli1W Kanye West has written a poem about McDonalds french fries? What an apparelled artistic genius. Six year old’s everywhere should be seething. Kanye West a écrit un poème sur McDonald’s pour le magazine de Frank Ocean. On l’a traduit https://t.co/aoIFxD4z4L pic.twitter.com/xZssqmdgi5 As for Kanye, he manufactured it clear what he thinks of Ocean’s new “Blonde” album. West tweeted “Frank album on repeat.”

source http://www.cnn.com