Kendall Jenner Photoshoot Accused of ‘Appropriating’Ballet AND not Currently being Body Good

A Kendall Jenner photoshoot by Vogue España has been hit with a double whammy of “only in 2016” dumb online outrage.

But some people on the net were offended by far more than just the reality that a multi-million dollar household empire could be created on a intercourse tape.

They had been actually mad that one) Jenner was ‘appropriating’ ballet, and two) the shoot was not entire body good. I’m shocked and disgusted at Kendall Jenner’s ballet shoot like get an actual ballerina you can not just place on pointe shoes and go. Ballet is this kind of higher art and coming from someone who’s spent years in the studio, it’s just about offensive to see Kendall act “cute” in it. Why did Kendall Jenner do a ballet photo shoot As an alternative OF AN Actual BALLERINA. Vogue’s credit score they almost certainly would not promote as numerous copies of their October problem if they just slapped a random ballerina on the cover. The insufferable pop culture weblog, Fusion, had to one up everybody else in the outrage division by calling Jenner’s shoot “actively harmful” and producing this an problem of body positivity, anorexia, and racism by some means.

Kendall Jenner passing off as a ballerina is reductive, insulting and actively hazardous: Fusion write-up argues that since Vogue place Kendall Jenner into a ballerina costume just simply because she was skinny, it signifies that they are promoting the ultra-thin ideal dancer physique, which not only promotes anorexia but excludes black females. Wherever are the pitchforks and torches, simply because Vogue España really should be actually burned to the ground instantly!