Kylie Jenner to Reply Questions About Tyga’s Finances as Component of Lawsuit

After several economic missteps in excess of the many years, Tyga has been locating himself with some legal concerns just lately.

Now he’s gotten GF Kylie Jenner involved. T. Raww’s most latest legal squabble is with celebrity jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills who claims the now G.O.O.D. Music rapper owes him a great $200K. In accordance to TMZ, Jenner has agreed to speak with JOB’s lawyers, Abir, Cohen, Treyzon, and Salo about all the high-priced presents Tyga has blessed her with in excess of the many years.

They of program want to communicate with Tyga also. Meetings with each are slated for the subsequent few weeks, with Jason threatening to push for arrests if either doesn’t display up. There have been various situations in which Tyga has had money issues this 12 months alone, but he continues to demonstrate and devote paper at every turn.

Final month, he gifted Jenner a Maybach for her 19th birthday. Jenner, showed off her new luxury Mercedes whip on Instagram.

In the series of clips, Tyga sings “Happy Birthday,” and then Jenner and Khloe Kardashian test out the car’s interior, which comes total with a mini-fridge, folding tables and other lavish accessories. This is not the very first time the rapper bought a car for his girl.

Final year, he dropped huge bucks on a Ferrari for Jenner, but the birthday gift came with some drama connected to it. Apparently it was all for show considering that the whip was leased in Jenner’s name.

So Tyga did not spend for the Ferrari in complete and took out the lease under her name.

Sources explained he did not want to be left with the payments if they broke up. 13 Feuds Involving Rappers Going at Non-Rappers