Kim Kardashian Pays Tribute to Late Dad With Throwback Video on His Death Anniversary

‘Dad passed away 13 many years ago nowadays and we miss him just about every single day,’ the actuality Television star wrote alongside the clip posted on her web page.

Kim Kardashian took time to shell out tribute to her father Robert Kardashian Sr. on Friday, September thirty. Precisely 13 many years right after her dad passed away, the reality Television star chose to honor the late attorney by posting a throwback video of him. The clip, which was posted on Kim’s web site. generally showed the Kardashian patriarch happily spending time with his daughters on several occasions. “Okay, this is my dad!”

a girl was heard saying at the starting of the video, which later on gave glimpses of Kim as a teenager. He was witnessed planting a kiss on her head and hugging her during an event. Kim’s siblings, which include Rob Kardashian. Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian. as effectively as their mom Kris Jenner were also featured in the clip. Robert Kardashian, very best known for currently being 1 of O.J. Simpson ‘s attorneys in the course of his murder trial, died at the age of 59. His passing came just 8 weeks immediately after he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. “Dad passed away 13 many years in the past currently and we miss him each single day,” Kim wrote in a note accompanying the video. “But today we desired to share with you a glimpse of who he was.

It was really hard to locate footage of our dad since he loved to movie us and was generally behind the camera but here is a minor seem into who he was to us.”