Kris Jenner and Tyga: Teaming Up to Get Down Blac Chyna?!

She’s regularly screeching like a banshee when a camera has the misfortune to be on her, she’s rude and abrasive and just not very likable.

And we received proof of all that just yesterday when Chyna shared a extremely questionable video to her Instagram page. In the video, Chyna was dancing all around in only a sports activities bra, displaying off her extremely pregnant belly. She was dancing and singing along to the rap hit “Juju on That Beat,” and things have been kind of cute proper up right up until the end. The finish, by the way, was the component in which she bent down to her 4-12 months-outdated son, King Cairo, and directed the lyrics “you unsightly, you your daddy’s son” to him. Some individuals did not get too kindly to Chyna calling her kid ugly, no matter the circumstance, and it seems to be like one of those individuals was Kris Jenner. According to a source that spoke to HollywoodLife, “Kris was horrified that Blac Chyna called her son ‘ugly’ and is type of stressing about what that says about Blac as a mom.” “Kris would never dream of calling one particular of her young children ‘ugly’ and her heart is broken for King,” the supply says. “Little ones need to only be built up, in no way put down, in particular by their very own mother and father. Kris is like, ‘How is Chyna going to speak to my granddaughter?'” It sounds like Kris isn’t alone in her worries both: Tyga, King’s father, is allegedly rather upset as very well. “Tyga is not amazing with Chyna calling King ugly, joking or not,” an additional insider claims. “He thinks Chyna’s a seriously great mom, but made a major blunder with saying what she did and then an even greater error by posting on social.” “Which is just way out-of-pocket and King is a highly intelligent kid who remembers every little thing and Tyga’s specified he’ll recall this.” “If she desires to come at Tyga and shade him which is a single matter but he isn’t going to want her to be working with their son to do so.” Wait. did Kris Jenner d Tyga just make sense?!