He won the Super Bowl MVP as a member of the Denver Broncos due to his first-charge pass rushing potential. But Miller is now learning that it’s 1 thing to perform defense towards Cam Newton.

and rather another matter to perform defense against a girl you slept with who videotaped the experience and who is now extorting you for hundreds of thousands of bucks.

Not even the finest swim move in specialist football can support in this condition! In accordance to The Smoking Gun, the Denver linebacker is attempting to cease the distribution of a sex tape manufactured this June in Mexico.

In court paperwork obtained by the internet site (in which Miller is referred to as “John Doe”), and also by TMZ, Miller’s legal workforce claims that the star athlete’s sex partner in the film, Elizabeth Ruiz, needs “to be the subsequent Kim Kardashian .” And he also seems to admit he knew she was filming their banging session on her cellphone.

But he both did not care at the time since he was in the middle of some significant pounding. or he trusted that Ruiz would by no means release the footage to the public. Soon immediately after the trip, however, Miller says he reached out to Ruiz and asked her to ruin the recording – to which she replied: “Gotcha!” Ouch. Damn. We’d anticipate a lot more from another person Miller randomly met in Cancun.

Based mostly on these similar official papers, which have been filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Miller says Ruiz experimented with to sell the intercourse tape to TMZ, but acquired shot down. He goes on to allege that Ruiz is demanding $two.5 million from the linebacker or else she will uncover another outlet with which to spouse and make the video go viral. Attorneys for Miller declare that Ruiz has previously approached “widely identified ‘sex tape broker’” for help. We’re guessing this is a reference to Stephen Hirsch of Vivid Entertainment.

As for why Miller would just go ahead and have intercourse with an individual he didn’t know incredibly effectively/ Here is a photograph of Elizabeth Ruiz.

And let’s just say it was the most safe and sound-for-operate picture we could come across of her on Instagram.

Fortunate, Miller acquired a break in the case on Monday when Los Angeles Judge Amy Hogue issued a temporary restraining purchase towards Ruiz, preventing her from copying or distributing the video. This doesn’t mean the battle is in excess of, on the other hand. It’s just on hold. The globe may finish up seeing Von Miller scoring in a way unrelated to the football field at some level.

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