Kylie Jenner has a profound realisation for 2017 – one particular yr soon after THAT cringe-worthy video

She is hardly regarded for her intellectual rigour and emotional depth. So fans of Kylie Jenner will be unsurprised to find out that her most up-to-date stage of enlightenment is about meals.


The reality Tv star, 19, shared details of her new understanding by means of social media on Saturday and raised eyebrows in the course of action. Taking to Twitter, she wrote: “I imagined I realized it all in 2016. now I comprehend the breakfast for dinner hype. Wow just ate the greatest breakfast.”

Incredulously, the tweets – which have been spread between 3 messages – attracted more than 20,000 likes and numerous re-tweets.

It come precisely a single yr immediately after the Retaining Up With The Kardashians star inadvertently left us in hysterics following posting a most cringe-worthy video talking about her 2016 New Year’s resolutions.

In the then-teaser for her official app, Kylie attempted to be severe and speak about ‘realising stuff’ in 2016. Which is it pretty significantly: she is realising things. In spite of being a millionaire and becoming named one of the most influential youngsters in the planet, we had been a small puzzled by her resolutions.

She advised fans: “Hey guys, I just wished to solution a handful of queries for you guys about 2016. I truly feel like each yr has a new energy. And I come to feel like this year is really about like, the 12 months of realising things. “Every person all over me, we’re all just realising points. 2016, seeking excellent.” Incredible. Viewers located the complete issue hilarious and one posted on Facebook: “This has opened my eyes and modified my lifestyle. I never need to have Bowie any more. We have a new hero.”

Yet another wrote on Twitter: “Kylie Jenner’s New Year’s resolution was to ‘realize stuff’. She also vowed to ‘consider things’ and ‘blink occasionally’.” A third posted on the social media website: “Dear Kylie Jenner, fire whoever allow you make that New Year’s Resolution video and retain the services of me. I will shield you from performing stupid items. # PR.”