Here’s the Messed Up Cause Kim Kardashian Will not Get Her Stolen Jewelry Back

The thieves that stole hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewellery from Kim Kardashian are in jail, but there is small to no likelihood she’s ever receiving her jewels back. In accordance to reports the mastermind behind Kim Kardashian-West’s Paris heist. 60-yr-old Aomar Ait Khedache. confessed to authorities that Kim’s treasured jewels had been all melted down and later offered in Belgium. He admitted to Parisian police, “We all created the decision to melt them. A single of the people took care of it.” Khedache, also identified as the “The Previous Guy,” (and one of the 16 guys allegedly involved the October heist), admitted that most of Kim’s $10 million well worth of jewelry retailed for a fraction of the expense- about 30K to be exact.


As for the other objects, which includes Kim’s four million dollar engagement ring and a single other item, they have been turned down for public retail due to how recognizable they are. “Everyone was afraid to promote since it is a stone that is very effortlessly spotted,” Khedache admits. The thieves have been allegedly able to sell Kim’s ring to an undisclosed, private buyer. Khedache credits Kim’s social media statuses for aiding his crew in following her everyday moves.

He boasted to police about how simple it was to track the socialite. “[Kim] specified that she did not wear fakes [and] the schedules when she came to France. It was enough to search on the world wide web to know anything, definitely every little thing.” Yikes!

No wonder Kim fell back from social media for a although right after the incident. The 36-12 months-outdated may possibly have lost her jewelry, but thankfully she made it out of the ordeal safely is bouncing back nicely from it all. Kim Kardashian acquiring robbed in Paris was a single of the lows of 2016. Examine out which other pop culture moments on our ’Highs and Lows’ of 2016 list. Kim Kardashian is Eventually Prepared to Talk About the Paris Robbery and Kanye’s Dark Moments