Apparently, Blac Chyna Invested Super Bowl Weekend with a Guy Who’s Not Rob Kardashian

Right here we go yet again. Rumors are swirling that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna ’s romantic relationship is on the rocks following the latter was allegedly seen finding cozy with another man.


An eyewitness advised Web page 6 that Chyna was canoodling with another person who wasn’t her fiancé in the course of a Super Bowl viewing party at Estrella’s MA Theater in Los Angeles in excess of the weekend. The insider claimed the man “at some stage had his hand in her lap or on her legs.” “I would certainly have thought they have been a couple if did not know far better,” the onlooker dished, incorporating Chyna was overheard telling folks “she’s nonetheless speaking to Rob but they’re not residing together right now.”

As previously reported, Chyna, 28, had a enormous fight with Kardashian, 29, in excess of the holidays that resulted in her moving out of their shared property.

According to Kardashian at the time, the model took their newborn daughter. Dream. in the course of the move. Even so, anything appeared fine this January when the couple celebrated their a single-year anniversary. Sharing a video montage of their yr collectively, Kardashian wrote on Instagram, 䄙 12 months down lol woohoooooo delighted anniversary babbbbbbiiiiiiiieeeeeee.”