Kanye West Ready to Get Legal Action if Sex Tapes Leak

According to a new report, the 38-yr-outdated rapper is ‘ready to go to war’ and take legal action if one of his sex tapes leaks.

Kanye West is reportedly prepared to go to war if one of his intercourse tapes leaks. According to HollywoodLife.com. the 38-12 months-old rapper has employed lawyers to battle against any likely leak. “Kanye is fascinated by intercourse tapes, but he is not concerned about any of his tapes leaking. What terrifies him is that one of his exes, or even a hook-up, might have filmed him at some point with no his knowledge,” a supply informed the internet site. The site suggested that Kanye may do some “dirt” if there is an individual who threatened to leak his intercourse tapes. “When he hears that men and women have tapes of him, that is the initial worry that comes to thoughts. This is not something he requires lightly, his lawyers are all prepped to take aggressive action. If something like that ever transpires it will be war,” the insider added.

In accordance to the website, in the video, “Kanye is witnessed Placing HIS BACK into every single stroke.

Dude was looking like an adult movie star. And the girl, who was Very effectively created, seemed to be truly enjoying it.” The internet site later on stated that they couldn’t display any of the screenshots or the footage, but the clip would probably surface on-line soon. Include that Kim Kardashian started to be famous thanks to a gender tape with one more rapper Ray J and is probably going to problem the sex adhesive tape of Kim and Ray J had not been unintentional. It could be a great plan for making money and yes it works great to date. This total tale is very confusing how the topic gender adhesive tape Kim Kardashian may be talked about as a stand alone, however, if you’re curious, read about this in this post:  http://kkpeeper.com/watch-kim-kardashian-tape